Easy vegan blueberry cheezecake

Yummo!  Who doesn’t love a raw vegan cheezecake?  I’ve made them before, like this other nearly vegan cheezecake.  This recipe is for a smaller cake, you know, perfect for the more intimate dessert spectaculars.  Or just for your afternoon cup of tea.

I have figured out a few tricks to make them, I blend the almonds dry before adding the dates.  I blend the drained cashews with water/juice to a smooth pulp before adding the rest of the ingredients, this ensures that it the texture is as smooth as smooth can be.

So, here goes!  You’ll need a blender, and a spring form tin, or your other favourite dish to chill the cheezecake.

Base ingredients

1 cup of almonds, I used half lightly toasted, half raw.

1/2 cup, give or take, dates

Blend almonds thoroughly, slowly add dates until you reach a good consistency, you need them to pull the ground almonds together, while not being too sticky.  Take your time and test as you go.  Press into the base of a spring form tin.  I line the base with baking paper.  Refrigerate for an hour for so, this time, I chilled mine over night.

Filling ingredients

1 and 1/2 cups of cashew nuts, soaked, overnight is good, I left mine two days rinsing and replacing the water after a day

1/2 cup water or fruit juice, I used some mixed berry juice

2 cups frozen blue berries

1/2 cup melted coconut oil

tea spoon natural vanilla

1/2 cup coconut flakes

Rinse the soaked cashews, process in the blender, slowly adding the water or juice until it is smooth and very white.  This is the best time to make sure the filling will be smooth and creamy, so take your time.  Add the vanilla and just melted coconut oil, blend as you go, add the blue berries (I pulled my frozen blue berries out of the freezer a few hours ahead of time, softer seems to work better) and coconut flakes.  Taste as you go, if you like a sweeter cake, add some sugar or honey softened or dissolved with water.  Blend well to combine, then pour over the date and almond base, and return to the refrigerator.  This can be frozen, but you’ll be wanting to eat it immediately!


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