My first real venture into making a toile of a garment – or two!

Actually four!

Don’t you just LOVE these dress patterns??  The two above had been trying to lure me into the sewing room for weeks.  Thing is they are a size too small, and I just knew I’d have to spend a bit of time tweaking them, time that feels so limited at the moment.

That’s not even half of it, these other two lovelies have been creeping into my dreams as well.  And with summer fast approaching one needs as many pretty dresses as one can sew!  All the patterns pose no other major challenges, and are quick and easy to put together, so, at my last Sew Fun Retreat, I set to, cutting out the bodices for all four garments.  Cutting, pinning, pressing for speedy sewing at any given moment.

I was given this beautiful fabric above by a friend, and well, if that’s not motivation to make sure it’s perfect from the start, I don’t know what is.  So, I figure it’s time to make a toile and see what that’s all about.  Simplicity 4730 presented no unexpected challenges, and I made it up without my usually adjustments, and it was good to see that I will need to make them – I usually need to make a short/sway back and hollow bust adjustment – so fairly easy.  Watch this space, I have Butterick 7653 ready to go, with a full run through of the pleats at the neckline, the others are all assembled and waiting their turn for my attention.

The spotted navy on the left is a fairly heavy crepe that I think would be perfect for this dress, I’m planning the slim skirted version.  Almost ready to cut it up!

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