fun with freezing

With Luna and Blake quite sick, I’ve been pulling out some of the more ‘led by me’ activities.  We have made flower ices before, and we had a bit of a glitter stash, so we tried some more combinations.

Obviously, you can make ice easily, and pick flowers, shells, or whatever you have around outside, or in?  That you might like to experiment with.  This is an easy indoor or outdoor activity, and we like working out in the sunshine when we can, which also means there is no such thing as mess!

I grabbed some food colouring and glitter to along with some sea shells and flowers fresh from the garden.

This container is for storing eggs in the refrigerator, we use it for nice half round ices.

It makes these really nice little domes of frozen flowers…

Always interesting to see what floats and sinks, and the ways the colours change or settle as they freeze.


Frozen wheel shell.

Getting a bit messy…

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