Vintage Suit Sew Along…construction of my toile

Happily this week, I’ve been able to get on to some toile construction for the Vintage Suit Sew Along! Our household had a dose of the ‘flu which put a stop to many plans….so it’s quite exciting to get back on track. I had all my jacket pieces cut out and ready to assemble a couple of weeks ago, at the weekend I had time to have a good read over the instructions and put the jacket (mostly) together….

Sew Fun workspace

I laid the pieces out, to get my head around how the panels go together, these are the front sides of the jacket, the centre front panels also create the rolled collar.

jacket toile front pieces

All good so far..just some careful maneuvering around this piece, corner to nearly straight edge.

jacket toile on the machine

Onto the back, again laying out the pieces to check how it goes together (and avoid accidentally sewing to lefts or two rights…)

jacket toile back pieces

All looking good….

jacket toile back pieces2

This all came together easily too. Exciting.

jacket toile clipping the collar instructions

The front jacket panels have extensions, which form the under collar, so the next step is stitching the shoulder seems, clipping the corners and closing the seam across the back neck.

jacket toile clipping the collar

I was glad to practice this on the toile…. and I have to say, it works really well! I am yet to sew the facings to the front of the jacket, which finished that beautiful collar, and I’ll be confident of the fit.

toile on the table close

But this is how it looks so far, I have to say, it looks really lovely and it’s looking like there are no fitting adjustments to make! I’ll be adding a drafted cuff, so I’ll get on the that this week and complete the facing-collar just to be sure.

In other news, last time I blogged about my suit project, I was undecided about my lining fabric, and was considering having to shop for something…Which is not really in line with my stash busting goals. Anyway, I was having a clear out of my sewing stash and came across this fabric, it’s a black and white crazy spotted cotton, it’s teamed up with the houndstooth here:

fabric and lining close

Initially, my plan was to use some colour on the inside and colour in detailing around the collar etc…well, when I found this, it just felt perfect! There is enough for the jacket, skirt and three quarter line the pants if I’m careful. So, I’m thinking I’ll go all black and white, trims too….unless I have another discovery in the stash!

How is your Vintage Suit Sew Along Going?



  1. Oh yes LOVE the lining with the houndstooth! And stashbusting with it too. Score!

    Sewed up in a toile that looks like it’ll be a great finished garment. Lovely lines, and I do so adore a shawl collar like that.


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