The Vintage Suit Sew Along….my plans!

So, I hope you’ve been enjoying planning your Vintage Suit project. I’ve been playing with a few different ideas, and have settled on what I think I’d love to wear, and I think I can make!

These images are all available on our group’s Pinterest Board and incorporate features and the silhouette I’m wanting to achieve with my suit.

Vintage Suit Sew Along inpsiratin 06

I love this jacket, and I love how she accessorises with the scarf.

Vintage Suit Sew Along inpsiratin 01

I love the shape created by the pleats in this skirt.

Vintage Suit Sew Along inpsiratin 03

Another lovely shaped skirt.

Vintage Suit Sew Along inpsiratin 02

Loving these cuffs!

How I’ll do it – I have these two patterns and I think I can use them to create a suit, based on the ideas above.

Vintage suit sew Along pattern and fabric plan

I’m going to use this really lovely fine hounds tooth cotton a friend gave me, I have not found a lining yet….but I’ll be sorting it out in time for next month.

My plan is to make both the skirt and a pair of pants, as there is plenty of fabric, if I’m careful, and, well, I can’t decide between a skirt OR pants! I’ll be using this tried and tested 40s slacks pattern which I know and love:

Academy 2953 pattern

As the hounds tooth is a cotton, it should work well with my climate, we just don’t get the really cold weather that might justify a delicious wool suit, at least not for long enough in midwinter (seriously, about 2 weeks are really really cold…) And I’d like to be able to wear this autumn – winter – spring, teaming it up with a turtleneck or blouse. I’m also thinking about how I can use colour to break up the pattern and add interest. I’d like to co-ordinate this with the lining, my colours are usually reds, greens, blues, so I’ll see how that goes too, and where to add the trims and details? I’ll be looking at that when I have a toile and the lining…

Vintage Suit Sew Along toile

I have cut out my toile for the jacket, using some cheap and cheerful poly-cotton I don’t want to wear…I took out the pattern only to notice – GASP – that the front bodice lining piece has been hacked up cut and the remaining pattern piece is missing – one of the perils of working with vintage patterns….I’ll be able to work with it though, so it’s just slightly annoying (she says now before actually re-drafting the piece…).

Vintage Suit Sew Along toile cut fabric

All carefully marked and ready to go…. exciting!

How are you all going with your Vintage Suit Sew Along plans?  You can catch up on the action –> Vintage Suit Sew Along.

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