The bolero and skirt project…the Vintage Suit warm up

I started this project a while back, inspired by this lovely, lovely grey wool-cotton blend fabric from a friend de-stashing, at about the same time I had been perusing glamorous images of women of a certain age looking in stunning grey. Why had I never thought of grey before? I mean it is a wonderful colour for an outfit. Really lovely. Add some red, and wow, stunning.

I was also inspired by two patterns, one a bolero I had made up, and enjoyed, and a skirt which – cleverly – can be made up in my size from just a meter of fabric. Thrifty and stylish.

Simplicity 2269 pattern

Simplicity 2269

Simplicity 3114 pattern

Simplicity 3114

There was just enough fabric to make these two garments, just quite a bit of laying up, and re-laying up the pattern. I had a small length of fabric suitable to line both the skirt and bolero my nana gave me too, perfect!

Bolero Simplicty 2269 and skirt 3114

The bolero has such a great shape, really of it’s time. The skirt pattern called for gathers at the front, which I was not that into, so I experimented and went for soft pleats which joined at the waist band at an angle.

Bolero Simplicty 2269 and skirt 3114 v6

Bolero Simplicty 2269 and skirt 3114 v8 Bolero Simplicty 2269 and skirt 3114 v7 binding

See this pretty trim? I found it at my mums.

braid trim detail

Just perfect for this project, I think it’s quite authentic detailing for the bolero.

binding trim

Bolero Simplicty 2269 and skirt 3114 v5

Bolero Simplicty 2269 and skirt 3114 v4

The skirt called for a vent, but I opted to make a kick pleat…which was a touch too tight to walk with my usual stride, so I think I’ll release it and make it a split.

Bolero Simplicty 2269 and skirt 3114 v3

Red handbag, a little flash of red from a scarf…

Bolero Simplicty 2269

Quite a nice excuse to wear my nana’s flower burst brooch.

Bolero Simplicty 2269 v2

Skirt Simplicty 3114 v3

Red and grey!

Skirt Simplicty 3114 v2

This was a great little project, I enjoyed putting the work into lining the bolero, I drafted the lining from the pattern pieces for the fashion fabric, hand stitched the trim and lining. It was a bit of a challenge, and I found the light-weight lining fabric so floaty that I had to redo it twice to get it to sit right. I does still pull under one arm….so I’ll need to adjust that before the next outing.

Simplicity 2269 bolero

Next….the Vintage Suit Project!


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