The Jean Genie – David Bowie inspired Cocktail

The Jean Genie cocktail tall

Remembering David Bowie, that fabulous artist. What to do? Make a cocktail!

This is The Jean Genie, something to help you all through the sad times, and enjoy with those really great songs and performances.

Step one; put some Bowie on the turntable, cd player, youtube…..

The Jean Genie cocktail tall top

Step two; make the drink.

Place your cocktail glass or glasses in the freezer, and fill your shaker three quarters full with ice.

Then, add:

One part Gin

One part Bianco Vermouth

Three quarters Blue Curacao

Shake vigorously, until the shaker is frosty, take your glass out of the freezer, and drop a bright red glacé cherry in the bottom of the cocktail glass, and pour the drink over it. Isn’t it beautiful? If you have some glitter or sparkly stars, toss a few of them around the room…table…floor.

The Jean Genie tall

Step three; dance, and sip!

The Jean Genie cocktail with cherry



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