My Vintage Pledge 2016

Well, the year is moving on, this is my official Vintage Pledge post for the year. I am on a continuum of sewing from Vintage Patterns….so it almost slipped my mind to officially join in the fun for this year! If you are new to the Pledge, it’s a great way to get into vintage patterns, or share the love and knowledge if you’re a pro, it’s hosted by Marie at A Stitching Odyssey and Kerry over at Kestrel Makes, want to join in? Check out how it works at A Stitching Odyssey.

So, here is a breakdown of the Vintage Sewing Patterns I intend to use this year, some are favourites and regular makes, like slacks and shirts, and I will tackle some more challenging sewing projects this year, including completing some Couturier Sewing Patterns I have already started working with.

So I pledge to sew the following garments from Vintage Patterns from my stash:

Jumpsuits that make me happy.

I need to make at least one more jumpsuit, I’ll be using this pattern Vogue 6435, I made three jumpsuits last year, one true to the pattern and two franken-pattern jumpsuits, one wool crepe another in polyester, using the pants from Vogue 6435 and a kimono bodice I had drafted.

Vogue 6435

Vogue 6453

I may use this fabric, a polyester crepe a scored from an op shop for a couple of dollars…I just need to sort out some kind of lining….

Vogue 3435 and black and white fabric

This fabulous 70s jumpsuit has come into my possession and I’m sure you can see why I’m tempted to make it too!!

Simplicity 9451

Simplicity 9451

One of the things I love about jumpsuits, is they are a complete outfit, easy to wear and dress up or down, and they are really chic. I love them.

Pajamas and maybe a house coat

This might be the first time I sew myself some decent pajamas! I have been looking at these patterns as possibilities, the Weigel’s pattern was in my nana’s stash, isn’t it gorgeous?

Vintage pajama patterns

To make this one, I’ll need some pajama fabric, as always I am working on stash busting, so this may slip further down the list…

A suit! from one of these vintage patterns…

Vintage suit pattern plan

A Driving Jacket…

I was inspired by Jane over at Handmade Jane and her post about ‘Toppers’ which I also know as ‘driving jackets’, and I remembered that I have a couple of patterns in my stash, and how about I make on this year? With all the sewing I have been doing, I have identified a gap for this kind of garment, a comfy warm-when-you-need-it jacket that works with my current wardrobe.

Car coats or toppers

Tackling the Unfinished Projects…

I’ll be completing two garments from last year, Vogue 1195 and Vogue 273

Vogue 273 pattern and fabric

Vogue 273

Vogue 1195 pattern

Vogue 1195

Basically, these are just waiting for the finishing details, like hems and buttons…

Vogue Paris Original

And I have this little number, another Couturier Pattern, which I’m excited to make for winter.

Vogue 1334 and fabric

It has a camisole built in and hidden closures, very elegant, and this will be a new structural or design detail.

Vogue 1334 pattern detail

Vogue 1334

Day Dresses

I have a couple of dresses to make this year, and they are underway already…Simplicity 3107.

Simplicity 3107

Simplicity 3107

This dress, Simplicity 1510, centre below, has been on my to-sew list for sometime, I had to draft the front bodice piece as it was missing from the pattern (damn!) I have the piece now, and can’t wait to give it a go.

Academy Simplicity A woman's own

I have a couple of new makes from patterns I have used before on the ‘to sew’ list this year.

Butterick 9497

Butterick 9497

Butterick 2137

Butterick 2137

Vintage Separates…

As for the easy wear separates; a couple of pairs of slacks, a skirt or two and a couple of shirts, these are from my go-to patterns, I know them well and love them!

Academy 2953 pattern

Academy 2953

Butterick shirt and fabric

Butterick 7731

This year, I’ll be sewing more for my two children, so look out for the occasional children’s skirt, pants and tops…I’m enjoying seeing other pledges made, and just generally swooning over other people pattern stashes.

So, why not join the fun?


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