The beached whale


With children free during the day we can have some exciting spontaneous adventures, we have a degree of flexibility during the week as well as regular group activities and workshops. So when something really unusual or exciting comes up, we seize the moment!

Eric Armishaw res beach whale distant detail

So when we heard on the radio that there was a beached whale at our usually quiet and calm local beach, we jumped in the car to see what was going on!

Eric Armishaw res beach whale distant detail2

These photos are taken from a distance, as the tide was coming in, and there were safety concerns around spectators getting too close to the distressed animal, or even in strife in the water.

Eric Armishaw res beach whale distant

We arrived at the beach to see quite a group of people gathered, Project Jonah was at hand and their crew of rescuers were busy with the animal and talking with public such as ourselves.

Eric Armishaw res beach whale

That was cool! We had a lot to talk about at home, I pulled out our books on whales and sea mammals and learned more about our relationship with some of our largest mammalian relatives.

Eric Armishaw res beach

We loved being out on the sand, looking at the shells, and speculating about what happened to the whale, how it go there…

Eric Armishaw res sand bar

Blake had armed himself with his watering can, you know, ‘just in case’ they needed help….Sweetness.

Dolphins at Martin's Bay

It was not that long ago that Luna and I ran down the sand at Martin’s Bay (one of our other haunts) following some dolphins.One of those days at the beach, for a play and some fresh air, so this was an unexpected gift. These wild animals were literally only meters from the waters edge. Wonderful.

Dolphins at Martin's Bay2

Special days.

Ange and Luna

2015 has been a big year for me with my two little ones, in reflecting on what I hope to give them, as far as time and experiences go, and for me, some of the challenges I faced affirmed my values, and where my heart is. I had a reminder of the importance of outdoors and wild play, real experiences, and valuing our place in the wider ecology of our environment.

I treasure these memories and moments.

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