Bay wild play

Blockhouse Bay sky2

We have some very special wild places around us in Auckland.

Blockhouse Bay cornwallis

The bike that goes everywhere Blake does.

Blockhouse Bay Blake and bike

Over sand and rocks.

Blockhouse Bay Blake and bike on pipe line2

Blake riding his bike over a cemented pipe.

Blockhouse Bay Blake looking in a rockpool

Looking for life in rock pools.

Blockhouse Bay anenome


Blockhouse Bay little half crab


Blockhouse Bay Luna and Blake looking for fossils4

Looking for fossils and imagining the past.

Blockhouse Bay sandstone2

And what are these? Trace fossils? A buried forest?

Blockhouse Bay rock2

We come to places like this when we know we need the space above and around us.

Blockhouse Bay Blake rock

When life feels stressful, when we need peace this is where we go, I’m grateful to have these spaces. Do you have favourite wild places that keep you centered?

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