At The Beach, 100 years of summer fashion in New Zealand

At the beach pink and blue

New Zealand Fashion Museum have been busy again, I was at the Maritime Museum with friends and children for a Ports Excursion and Blake and I had a wander through At The Beach, 100 years of Summer Fashion while Luna was absorbed in a documentary about a shipwreck….

We didn’t meander, more of a fly around, finding favourites, admire bathing caps and promise to return, ‘Bringing dad’, Blake decided. Here are our highlights.

At the beach browns and turbans

Those turbans and sunnies!

At the beach purple cap

Floral bathing caps, yes please!!

At the beach parasol woman

So elegant, great to see some toweling beach robes.

At the beach robe trim

There were quite a few old photo reproductions adding more personal stories, it was interesting to see just how colourful swimwear was, old black and white photos tend to influence perceptions of life, I think, so it was great to have this juxtaposition happening throughout.

At the beach colourful 40s fashion

The forties section was my favourite.

At the beach playsuits

Check out those playsuits! And some early women’s swimwear…

At the beach women bathing dresses

Charming, but I am glad I’m not wearing a dress to swim these days.

At the beach mens fashion

Lets not forget the menswear….

At the beach more mens fashion

Button up.

At the beach mens fashion button up

There are a few very pretty 50s swimsuits.

At the beach 50s swimsuits

So, so, pretty.

At the beach purple 50s swimsuit detail

It took a lot of self control not to touch these!

At the beach pink 50s swimsuit

Such vibrant colours.

At the beach pink 50s swimsuit tall

It’s not really a history of Summer Fashion, without some lovely picnic sets, is it?

At the beach picnic

These were such fun!

At the beach picnic sets

I can’t wait to go back, this exhibition is on until the 18th of February, so plenty of time, for multiple visits!


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