…Another new Jumpsuit, Vogue 6435

I simply had to make another jumpsuit after this project, Vogue 6435 in wool crepe.

Vogue 6435 blue hat back

Nice to drag mum’s old 70s beads and cute vintage hat out for the day.

Vogue 6435 blue white belt

This version is made with a woven acrylic, great with life with kids! Easy to wash and wear, I lined the bodice with cotton, and live in it these days.

Vogue 6435 blue waist long front

Love it!

Vogue 6435 blue


Vogue 6435 blue waist long groovy

Most of the time I accessorise with a brooch, and no belt, and I think it’s quite elegant, and I don’t want to break it up.

Vogue 6435 blue waist long side on

I think this is possibly my best everyday make, and I love the extra wide-leg pants….I think the pants plus waist band would be perfect for a pair of palazzo pants.

Vogue 6435 blue waist long front on


    1. Thank you! Oh I love those kitchenette pajamas….I have dreamed of them too.
      I think the thing with a really good jumpsuit, is that it is a one piece. So, I think, same fabric for them, and accessorise for variety and colour, with brooches, scarves, necklaces, belts, hats, shoes. I think, you’ll have more options and a more wearable garment. I have gone for solid colour too, which works well for me, less overwhelming.
      I did a bit of research, looking at beach pajamas, house pajamas, and found that great deco style jumpsuits, might have variation in the pants cuff, or say, maybe beading at a neckline, that sort of thing. Look at 60s style jumpsuits and deco beach pajamas for inspiration.
      Make a matching turban to top it off! That’s my plan 🙂
      I’d love to see your kitchenette pajamas made up!


      1. Thankyou so much Angela, this is really helpful information. I’ve been trying to work out why I don’t feel inspired by the project. I think my intuition was agreeing with you on having the fabric all the same, both top and bottom. I had a pretty floral and butterfly fabric for the top and a plain matching fabric for the bottom.

        I did as you suggested and researched beach pyjamas and now I’m wanting to try the Lounging at the Lido Wearing history pattern too!

        A matching turban to top it off? Ok! You’re on! (Just as soon as I’ve found suitable fabric in enough length for the project… Oh noes! I have to go fabric shopping???)


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