The new jumpsuit

Vogue 6435 and cape detail

This project has been on the go for a while, and since I finished it, is a daily favourite. In fact I have to discipline myself not to wear it every day.

Vogue 6435 bodice

This is a jumpsuit made with the pant part of this stylish 1960s lounge suit pattern, which I made earlier this year and a kimono style blouse that I pilfered and modified from another vintage dress pattern, I added a little extra length on the sleeves.

Vogue 6435 copy

You might recall the first version of this pattern, it was a great little number for a Speakeasy Party we had. I loved the pants, but needed something with a bit more warmth, so decided to make it again, with another bodice.

Vogue 6435 tall2

And now I have a very wearable, and very comfy jumpsuit!

Vogue 6435 tall3

I used the last of a wool crepe that I picked up at an opshop for a bargain, and lined it with some slinky green fabric from nana, probably a viscose.

Vogue 6435 tall

I can’t get enough of it! When I team it up with my green cape, it is a perfect little ensemble, and provides warmth and style in the chilly autumn weather we have at the moment.

Vogue 6435 and cape

This is a cute little shell fish brooch of nana’s to match

Vogue 6435

I did make one rather major and annoying goof, the blouse pattern pieces are cut on the fold with a side zipper, and I completely forgot to add the seam allowance for the center back closure. Argh, and of course, there was not enough fabric to consider cutting out even one back piece again….so I added a strip of fabric to the center back, carefully trimming back the extra in the seam to reduce the bulk. It’s not immediately obvious, but has meant there is a bit more fabric and weight than I would like, but it is ok. Lesson learned! Take extra care.

And I have another to add to the project pile….


  1. This is fabulous, I tried a spadea lounge suit over ths summer which has a cami top and its cute but you version looks infinitely more wearable! the crepe is such a great weight – so fabulous


    1. Thank you for your comment, I have started to look at a few other jumpsuits in my pattern stash…but keep coming back to this!


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