The Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress

You might remember my post a week or so ago, about a beautiful vintage dress that arrived in the mail.

Sisterhood Vintage Dress collar

It is the Traveling Vintage Dress, a really fun idea started by Joanna at Dividing Vintage Moments. I found out about the Traveling Dress while catching up on some of my favourite vintage bloggers, and I was just in time to join in. Exciting! This dress has been traveling far and wide to be worn and styled by women around the world.

Sisterhood Vintage Dress sleeve

Here’s how I styled it.

Sisterhood Vintage Dress back

It is the beginning of spring here in Aotearoa, which has meant rain, and the chill has gone. So it’s feeling like short sleeve weather, sort of. I was glad for a break in the on and off showers to take a few photos.

Sisterhood Vintage Dress bodice

I’m wearing some of my nana’s vintage scarf and gloves, a pair of sling back sandals, a favourite, well loved belt I found at an op shop and and some pale pink rose earrings I bought on

Sisterhood Vintage Dress tall

What I loved about this dress, is that pushed me out of my comfort zone. Colourwise, I usually opt for bold solid colours, usually darker, and I tend to shy away from patterned or textured fabrics. But I loved working with this colour palette, and I think I could do with more patterns and florals in my wardrobe too.

Sisterhood Vintage Dress tall twist2

I have to agree with Catherine over at Sewing the 60s, is that this dress made for dancing!

Sisterhood Vintage Dress tall spin front

Just a gorgeous skirt and a pretty collar.

Sisterhood Vintage Dress bodice2

I have some fabric in my stash, with a similar feel and colouring from my nana…just might have to pull it out and whip something up for summer…now to find the perfect 40-ish pattern…..

brown printed polyester

Thank you, Joanna, for letting me in at the last minute!



  1. Hooray, the dress made it to NZ!

    You styled it beautifully with the scarf and belt. I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone wear the dress-it was such fun being a part of it.


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