James and the Giant peach.

And all his friends… the Lady bug, the Centipede, the Earthworm.

big ladybug

We are big Roald Dahl fans here.

Luna has been really enjoying James and the Giant Peach, we have an audio book which gets lots of air time.  It fascinates me when I see the connections in Luna’s activities and how they are expressed. Often there are bursts of intensive activity or reading with a long period of time spent working on something quite specific and with attention to detail, or simply delving deeply into an idea.  Our days most often involve homework, like making food, gardening, cleaning and tidying (um, well, sometimes…) and an outing, and some ‘quiet time’ for focused activity, reading or listening to stories, or outdoor free play.  There are times when Luna will read a book, like Tintin, to herself, or draw, set up the out door playhouse for a good couple of hours, and these drawings happened one afternoon, she worked on them for more than two hours, until we really had to make room on the table for dinner.

oak tree

An oak tree.

counted composition

This one above is intriguing, she basically went through each colour crayon, and made five marks each, except for the grey.  Kind of like colour swatches.

small millipeed

A centipede, and a lady bug, she drew me a huge one, at the top.

small ladybug

This is a scorpion.


A gecko.

scorpion number 2

Another centipede.


This one, below, is one of several dragon flies.


Aside from all the great drawings and role playing, James and the Giant Peach has also contributed some more creative insults, like “You disgusting little beast!” (Luna shouting at Blake for some minor ? infraction) which has been slightly more challenging to deal with…

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