Wild textures

A few months back I read a short comment by a homeschooled child about how he found exploring and learning outside so much more enjoyable than learning indoors.  He commented on the colours, inside being more dull, the richness he could experience outside was what made his learning that much more of a joy.


This gave me pause.  I have often marveled at the colours in the clouds, the way light is different at a beach, with the water often mirroring the sky, and the feelings that can evoke, I started thinking about textures too.  So on a beach day with the kids, I was looking out for the wild textures we could experience nowhere else.

sand dimbles

And this is what I found…

black twisting punga long log

Punga log.

black twisting punga log detail

sand cliff holes

Holes in the sand dune.

rusty log


white seaweed




sand lines

Sand, and more sand.

sand holes

I was looking for mostly abstract inanimate inspiration, so no shells or sea creatures.  Some of these textures would span the length of a sand dune, like a holes in  sand bank, others were part of a huge tree trunk embedded in the sand.  But then of course, there is the whole ocean out there, living and breathing.

Luna looking at the ea

Wild Play, I’m grateful to be able to quietly observe and enjoy adventures like this.

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