More glorious vintage patterns…

Yes, there are more than this.  It’s so exciting, I have to share them in two posts.

McCalls 4884 copy

This McCalls number is so sweet, though I can’t see myself in it (Yet).

Butterick 9703 copy

I love this one, such a great collar on the wee jacket (and damn, that hat is sweet.  I wish the pattern was included!)

Advance 8443 copy

Yet another fabulous suit pattern that almost makes me wish I had a job that required such an outfit….

McCalls 5687 copy

I’m never sure about the double breasted button up…maybe if I had the hat and handbag to match?

Advance 5883 copy

Yes, I will make an apron this year!

Simplicity 1566 copy

I feel hardly worthy to be in the same room as this pattern!  (I do love the blue full skirt though…)

Simplicity 1928 copy

A raincoat with a hood!  Yes, I need one, for this winter, if I can source just the right fabric.

Vogue 7244 copy

Mod ’60s pattern envelope illustrations are so cool.  They remind me of my mums illustrations in her high school sewing work books.  The garments and the poses really step away from the 1950s aloof demure women.  These are hip girls, and they hardly smile!

Vogue 6419 copy

I hope my readers enjoy these as much as I do.


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