Simplicity 2491… complete!

Simplicity 2491

This project has been on the go for some time now, probably since last summer… ah, and now I’m finally done!

I had two large sheets, both vintage, medium weighted cotton and I thought I’d make a dress with a plain blue bodice and full length full skirt out of some sweet floral fabric.  I opted for the warmer blue sheet on the right.

While initially I planned to make version three with the coordinating bodice I went with version two, with the option of a cummerbund.  I was shocked to discover the front bodice piece with the nice neckline is missing from the pattern, damn!  So I re-drafted the neckline from another pattern piece, the sleeves had also been hacked to straps (gasp!) though the piece was still in the envelope, phew.  Here’s the fabric and pattern together, I decided to interline the bodice with the plain blue on the left, a cotton blend, it worked well, giving a little more structure.

So, it’s all finished now, and I’m very happy with it.

Simplicity 2491 finished looking down

Front and sides…

Simplicity 2491 finished left side

One of my lovely assistants adjusted the tension on my machine at one point and I managed to sew some side skirt panels all the while wondering why it was pulling slightly and wanting to gather…  That’s midnight sewing though, I guess sometimes it means I push ahead, when I need to pause.  But never mind, it all works out ok, and a little pulling and ironing and stretching has minimized it.

Simplicity 2491 finished back

I fiddled around with the bodice fit, I cut this baby out without making my regular pattern adjustments, so needed a bit of retrospective easing and darting.  Interlining the bodice was a good move, I feel like the skirt could do with a little more body, thank goodness for my vintage style petticoat find, yeah!  The fabric doesn’t have quite the body I feel the skirt needs.  But still I love it, and still very wearable.  SO happy to have one of those unfinished projects done and dusted.

Simplicity 2491 finished right side short


  1. Thank you Rebecca, I decided to stay true to the pattern with the gathers, I think it gives a more authentic look. And it sure was fun finding the perfect gloves!


  2. This looks perfect on you! love the fabric, the petticoat you found, and those gloves are to die for! Beautiful job! I came over from Sew retro.


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