Sewing gingerbread people

all my gingerbread

I started this gingerbread decoration project hmm, last summer, I pulled them out, to see it the kids were keen to have a sew.  Of course they were!

Luna's gingerbread

Luna’s two gingerbread people.  Looking fabulous, she asked for a little help with the mouth (on the left) after she made a cute little mouth on the right.  She wanted to use a ‘rainbow of buttons’.

Blake's gingerbread man and crane

Blake made a crane an the left, and a gingerbread person with ‘all the green buttons’.  For a first attempt at hand sewing, he picked it up straight away, totally understood the button sewing technique – very impressive!  After that, he was mostly interested in playing with all the off cuts from hand cutting out felt flowers…

felt off cuts

Annnnnd, I made a couple of hair clips.

felt flower hair clips

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