Butterick 6039 cape in red crepe

30 December 2014

Butterick 6039 pattern

I have wanted a cape for a few years now, and they seem to be a bit of a trend among sewers every few years, I started a wearable muslin a while back. I had about five metres of red wool crepe, with a few moth holes, I was a bit pressed to make good use of it. I was able to squeeze a pair of pants and a skirt, with what was left, a small cape seemed a good option. This fabric has a really lovely drape, too, so it seemed like a good choice.

Butterick 6039 pattern detail

I chose version ‘C’.

Butterick 6039 cape red crepe

And here is the result. I have a few issues with this cape, and have some ideas for when I approach this next. I spent a while working on interfacing the shoulders and around the collar, I had some iron on in my stash. Although I was able to achieve a nice crisp edge, I’m not that happy with it. I used some remnant pieces of (very slippery) light weight lining material, and it is not ideal – too slippery! I also suspect that I need to find a better match for lining, and investigate interlining, perhaps for tailoring suit jackets, in the cape remake project.

Butterick 6039 cape red crepe back

Also, I think looks all together just to Papal to wear !! Argh, I didn’t think about that at all, just oh yes, red, I love red. Lesson learnt.

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