Vogue 2759 – vintage pattern pirates


A random fabric and brown paper pattern package among some of Nana Shirley’s fabrics…


Nana had a copy of her friend Wynn’s four gore skirt, Vogue 2759. A four gore skirt is a classic for the wardrobe, I had to make it up, right?


The pattern does not include seam allowances, however, the fabric was cut with almost a generous 2 cm allowance, it had already started to fray so I decided to try out French seams. At the time I was in an ‘experimental seam phase’…. and wanted to give them a go. They worked quite well, the fabric was lightweight enough for them to sit well.


How did it sew up? Perfect!

Vogue 2759 four gore skirt complete

This is probably as close as I get to a nautical look…

Vogue 2759 four gore skirt complete long side

Scarf from a friend, David Elman shoes and Country Road silk blouse both from op shops.

Vogue 2759 four gore skirt complete long

Slightly bubbly hem! Needs a bit more pressing after all…..

Vogue 2759 four gore skirt waist

Otherwise, perfect! I do like the idea of my nana and her friends sharing and copying each others sewing patterns. I’m thinking of making a corduroy version for winter, such a wearable style, I love it! Thanks Nana and Wynn.

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