Simplicity 4730 – finally complete!

So, I’m getting up to date with finished sewing projects, this little number has been stashed away in the stash for well, a year, you might recall it here, I started with a toile, as it is just a touch small, and a new style dress (at the time) and lovely vintage fabric. It has taken a while, was worth the wait.


I wanted a fairly simple dress, so opted out of the collar or embellished neckline – which I kind of regret, at least adding a white band might have lifted it a bit? Elegant embellishment of garments is something I am learning to embrace, albeit slowly. It feels risky! I don’t want an embellishment to look like an after thought either.

Simplicity 4730 complete bodice

I spent ages sometime working on adding a pocket (after adding a pocket to a pair of slacks recently, I find myself now unable to live without them). I also lined the dress, as the fabric was just see-through. So, after all that time, I am very happy with this and look forward to many sunny days to get it out for some fun!

Simplicity 4730 complete

I played around with a much shorter skirt than I opted for in the end, partly, thinking shorter for summer, but my mum, well she thought there was something really elegant about this length, and I believed her.

Simplicity 4730 complete skirt

I’m wearing a petticoat, and the skirt is lined, which is giving quite a nice shape and sharp edge to the hem, which I love!

Simplicity 4730 complete long

I’m so glad the sun is finally shining and I can wear it out!


  1. Oooo…love it Ange. I like the cut of the bodice very much, the back is super lovely. And yup…Ma was right about the length! Can’t wait to see it on you. x


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