A new cocktail – The Ostracod

3 July 2015

The ostracod ingredients tall

The Ostracod is delicious!

Mango, tequila and touch of lime, this will warm up the wintery nights.

Here’s the recipe:

Recall that you have two chilled cocktail or low ball glasses in the freezer (if you have not, then this is your chance to chill them…)

Fill your chilled shaker with cracked ice, pour over the ice the following:

Two parts tequila.

One part triple sec.

Juice from one juicy lime, or to taste.

Six parts mango puree (I buy the large cans which also contain sugar).

Shake well, pour into chilled cocktail glasses or ice filled low ball glass, float a slice of lime or a twist of zest on top and enjoy! This drink improves with ice, and is nice served over more ice in a low or high ball glass, or let it rest in the shaker for a moment or two before pouring and serving, whichever takes your fancy.

The ostracod ingredients detail

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