The Vintage Suit Sew Along – More completed makes

Katherine McRae Vintage Suit Sew Along

I can’t hide the fact that was really excited when I heard Katherine of Miss Dixie O’Dare was planning to make a Marilyn Monroe inspired suit for the Vintage Suit Sew Along.


When I first saw Niagara many years ago, I too fell in love with the same blue suit.

Katherine McRae Vintage Suit Sew Along again

Here are some of her photos.

Katherine McRae Vintage Suit Sew Along detail

Isn’t it fabulous? I really want to make my own now, even more….You can read about her suit making and finished photos here on her blog.

I was pleased to see another Vintage Suit Sew Along project that involved making pants and a skirt to go with the jacket. Saranne Teale used a combination of patterns for her project.

Saranne Teale's suit

Not only did I admire her plans, I loved her organisation! I initially wanted to do the jacket, skirt, slacks combo for my project too, alas I did not have enough fabric, and you can see why the idea would appeal, check out those slacks…

Saranne Teale blue pants suit

And the skirt and jacket out on the town… Fabulous!

Saranne Teale blue skirt suit

There are a few more finished makes to share soon, I am lagging behind on my own, somewhat, here are some teasers of other makes lined up…

Jenn's patterns and sewing machine

Jenn Steele’s plans…

Jenn's pattern plan

Carla Sweetlove’s suit, check out that collar! Swoon.

Carla's suit sew along

And Beccie Leathley’s plans….I think we are all dying of sleeve envy.

Beccie Leathley's suit plans

Are you working on your suit ? How are you doing?

#vintagesuitsewalong #vintagepledge

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