Home Bay and the Beach Forge

Luna and Blake at Home Bay

It’s feeling like summer now, we’ll skip spring and get right on to hot beach days! We opted for a much needed abandon-all-plans-for-the-beach day this week, in addition to our regular outdoorsy days. We are in a time of change and disruption, I’m a bit distracted by ‘too much too do’ as we contemplate the logistics of relocating the family.

Blake at Home Bay

Home Bay Beach Reserve is a lovely little beach, close to the city, but so peaceful, Blake loves this beach, for the swimming and the sand, and Luna loves this beach for the archaeological finds she makes every time. Luna and Blake got onto the rubbish detail, we amassed a couple of plastic bags of plastics before we got onto the sea glass and ceramic chips that Luna loves to collect.

sea glass and ceramics

I made some discoveries like sea art, in the form of this carefully carved cockle shell. Quite a nice landscape of a giraffe, with a mountain in the background, I thought.

Cockle shell art

Blake set to work making a ‘Beach Forge’, a pine cone hammer to work the spears, this kept him busy for some time. Such a good day.

Blake at working the Beach Forge

And I still have so much to do!

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