The last moments of the Vintage Suit Sew Along

jacket Simplicity S 128 pattern detail

My dream suit

Are you sewing along with us and making your dream vintage suit? The Facebook group Amy and I started has been exciting, some of us have finished already, some of us have had challenges that have got in the way of getting it all done on time. The revised deadline was end of July, and we planned to share our completed suits in August.

jacket suit lining in

It’s the 3rd of August and this is where I’m at!

If you are sewing along, and not quite there, don’t feel bad, I have some hand finishing to do which I’m fitting in when I get space during the day and I suddenly realised I don’t have buttons sorted !

bound buttonholes

Argh! I’m really happy with the bound button holes and when I looked at the buttons in my stash and considered self fabric buttons, I know I want black buttons, and I’ll be raiding my mums button stash this weekend…

jacket suit missing one sleeve

First sleeve on

I love the cut, however, when I inserted the lining, I’m finding it’s not sitting so well….mostly in the sleeves, so I’ll be playing around with that this week to see what I can do. Sigh.

shaping sleeve head

Shaping the sleeve head

skirt suit lining in

The skirt from the inside

bias canvas for jacket and skirt

Making bias canvas tape

I am using some bias tape I have made from canvas interfacing for the hem of the skirt and the base of the jacket, I’m hoping this will give the shape I’m after for the skirt. So far, I think it’s going to work well.

This week, I have some photos of finished suits to share, so keep sewing, don’t give up! Watch this space, and happy sewing xo


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