Franken pattern jumpsuit, 40s meets 60s

Last year I fell in love with jumpsuits. Big time. This post is about my forth jumpsuit, working from this pattern, a 60s Vogue 6435. My first make was true to the pattern, a wee strapy number in the style of those glamourous 20s-30s beach pajamas.

Vogue 6435

Since that one wonderful make, I have gone on to some franken-pattern jump suits, I needed some I could wear in the cooler months, so made a couple with a simple self drafted kimono bodice. Which I love, one in wool crepe for winter weather, and one in a synthetic, more between seasons, and practical fabric for easy care. They get out a lot!

I made this beautiful 40s noir frock, with a really nice bodice, pleats at the shoulders, low cut back and well, it’s perfect for another jumpsuit, isn’t it? When I picked up this lovely blue fabric from the op shop, it whispered “I’ll be your dream jumpsuit….”

Sew Fun plans jumpsuit

I don’t need my arm twisted, so I just got on to it. The Vogue 273 is very elegant with it’s sexy low back, but I was after something a little less, ‘cocktail hour’… so I brought the scooped back up to bra level. I also lined the bodice in a lovely cotton silk from a friend de-stashing. I had enough to half line the pants, which works well. The lining stops at above the knee. I used that technique where you don’t hem the lining, but use the fabric cross grain and leave the selvedge edge as the finished edge. It’s perfect in this case as no line that shows where the lining finishes (unless you look hard), and the pants are lined and comfy where I wanted it.

Vogue jumpsuit pleat details

Pins and then stitch basting to get those pleats to behave! I am so happy with how it turned out…

Vogue jump suit mash up back

The modified back.

Vogue jump suit mash up side shoulder

The shoulders are free of shoulder pads, though the pattern calls for them, the thickness of the pleats gives it enough structure, I think.

Vogue jump suit mash up

I think it works well.

Vogue jump suit mash up top hat

Did you see my hat?

Vogue jump suit mash up dancing

Extra wide legs!

Vogue jump suit mash up great wide legs

I use many different colours with this jumpsuit, I really like the red and blue combination, and especially love getting out my nana’s extra long glass beads.

red vintage glass necklace

Onto another jumpsuit soon….


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