Butterick 7653 version B

Butterick 7653 accessories

Do you have any of those patterns, the ones you must make everything you see on the envelope? This pattern is one of those for me, I made the slim skirted version A earlier this year, and with that deep ‘V’ neck line and the bias cut bodice I had to make it again.

Butterick 7653 pattern

Butterick 7653

 I was given some lovely blue – grey silk by a friend who was downsizing her stash, it had a slinky feel and lovely drape, so it was perfect for this dress. I interlined each piece, basting another slinky fabric to the inside, finishing the edges with a zig zag that way I could treat the lining and fashion fabric as one, preserving the drape.

basting butterick skirt pleats

There was not quite enough fabric to make the very full skirt the pattern called for (perhaps a project for 2016….) and I experimented with a couple of different ways of pleating and gathering the skirt before attaching it to the bodice.

basting butterick skirt pleats2

With my lovely assistant Luna.

Luna helping with butterick skirt

I settled on wide box pleats at the front, almost wider versions of the really beautiful pleats from the slim skirt version:

Butterick 7653 complete nice pleats

I am unsure how successful this has been!

Butterick 7653 finished bodice and skirt detail

But I do love this dress.

Butterick 7653 finished front neckline detail

Posing like a woman on the envelope…

Butterick 7653 finished back neckline detail

Lovely back of the bodice.

Butterick 7653 finish nice shoulders

Front and back..

Butterick 7653 back finish tall

It really is too muggy for petticoats at the moment, but a petticoat gives the skirt a really nice shape and that 50s look.

Butterick 7653 finished  nice skirt detail

And petticoats are fun!

Butterick 7653 finished tall twirling2

I also added a wee pocket (which I cannot leave out of almost any outfit these days…)

Butterick 7653 finished pocket detail

I wore some vintage day gloves from my mum, my measuring tape bangles, a flowery hat of my nanas and some beige low heels, it dresses up for evening well with higher heels, and longer black gloves. Looking forward to wearing it out and about this summer.

This is my last official Vintage Pattern Pledge post, as there are only a matter of hours left of 2015 here, but this is what I have left to complete in the new year.

Vogue 273 selfie

Vogue Special Design 273, all that is left is to hand sew the hem.

Vogue 273 pattern and fabric

Saying I’m ‘quite excited’ about how this dress is turing out is an understatement!

Vogue 1195 pattern

Vogue 1195

I have been working on Vogue 1195 for ages, it’s going well, I have the hem, two more bound buttonholes to make for the cuffs, and finish the self fabric belt, and it’s done. Also very exciting.

I had planned to make a suit this year, and I have a skirt and bolero nearing completion too, in a soft grey wool, really lovely fabric, and not enough for a full jacket.

These are the patterns I’m using:

Simplicity 2269 pattern

Simplicity 2269

Simplicity 3114 pattern

Simplicity 3114

I love the Vintage Pattern Pledge, I have discovered other vintage sewists, seen even more patterns I love, and have enjoyed the bigger challenges I have set for myself this year. Even the incomplete projects! I have also sewn up three pairs of pants, two shirts and a couple of outfits for my children, using vintage patterns and fabrics, I just have not been able to get them all on the blog….

So, as I type, there are more pins being added to the Pintrest board which you should take a look at especially if you are thinking of joining in the fun next year.

In the mean time, Happy New Year!  xox

deep red

The MissDemeaner


  1. Happy New Year!! Your 50s dress is perfect, I love how you styled it with the white gloves. Very lady-like 😉
    The 40s Vogue dress looks unbelievable!!!! Wow 😀
    You have some really exciting projects going on 😉


  2. I just love your sense of style, your vintage personification is impressive. Your ability to envisage adapt and make your clothing unique and gorgeous is amazing.

    I keep coming back to this particular pattern because i think it just exudes such femininity and subtle sexiness.

    I am desperate to get my hands on this pattern to add to my growing vintage pattern collection.

    Just wanted to stop by and say continue making these gorgeous vintage pieces because you are such an inspiration to me and I suppose many others.


  3. Wow love the dress especially the Vogue, can I ask how long for you to make it ? I really love how your dress turns out. xx


    1. Thank you! Which Vogue are you thinking of? It has taken me a few months, working on a number of projects to get them finished. I can’t really estimate, as for both Vogues I made toiles and have been making trousers and shirts…
      The Vogue 273, which is the 40s dress, is actually fairly straight forward to make, the Vogue 1195 was much more complex with the asymmetrical button down front. I’ll share more details on them when they are complete.
      Thanks for your comment!


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