Butterick 7653 – complete!

13 November 2015

Butterick 7653 complete nice neckline

I started this dressmaking project in 2013, ages ago, one of my first ventures into toile making and up-sizing the pattern from a 32″ to 36″ bust. I have worked with 34″ patterns, and am comfortable with adding or removing a centimeter here and there, but this was a newer shape to work with, the lovely high cowl neck, with the pattern piece cut on the bias.

Butterick 7653 pattern

Other than working out the up sizing, a very straightforward dress. It sat in the ‘to sew’ pile for way too long….and this is a project pile busting year for me.

Butterick 7653 complete 2

More often than not I work with thrifted or de-stashed fabrics, rather than buying the prescribed length, which usually requires a bit of creative laying up! I had just enough for the slim skirted version.

Butterick 7653 complete 3

Check out these fancy pleats, simple and easy to create,

Butterick 7653 complete nice pleats

The fabric is a polyester with white spots, it was really slippery to work with and one of the shoulders is slightly off grain, but manages to work ok.

Butterick 7653 complete tall bad hair2

I think this turned into a really a gorgeous dress, and very wearable. I actually made the other fuller skirted version too, just need to hem it.

Butterick 7653 complete tall

Sorry about the crazy 80s bad hair! I am channeling a less refined Sean Young from Bladerunner….honest, just until I can get a good cut.

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