Sand sculptures

We had a visit to Karekare beach recently, took in some early spring sun, cool wind and sand sculptures.

Karekare sand

We climbed a sand dune and the kids set to work building a hut.

Karekare sand from high

I investigated some sand sculptures, at the opposite end of the scale.

Karekare sandsculptures en mass

Amazing really.

Karekare sandsculptures2

They seem to defy the laws of physics.

Karekare sandsculptures3

In a most elegant way.

Karekare sandsculptures4

Even human waste is given is elevated to art.

Karekare sandsculptures spirlla spirilla shell

Huge and precariously perched atop a sand cliff.

Karekare sandsculptures big shell

A tiny piece of bark.

Karekare sandsculptures bark

A miniature other worldly landscape.

Karekare sandsculptures




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