Simplicity 3426 floral version

Simplicity 3426 and fabric

I have sewn a couple of other versions of this pattern, my nana gave me this lovely piece of fabric from her stash a while back, several meters – enough for two projects, maybe a blouse next…. The fabric is so soft and has a good drape, just lovely! I lined the bodice to give a bit more structure, leaving the skirt unlined, it has a great floating quality to it.

Simplicity 3426

Here’s the original pattern, I went for version two with the slightly square back neckline. And here’s the finished dress!

Simplicity 3426 front02

And the back….

Simplicity 3426 back

And the bodice, great belt huh? An op shop find.

Simplicity 3426 bodice

Love this neckline.

Simplicity 3426 Ange03

For now, this baby is going into hibernation, as it’s getting chilly here. Onto some winter sewing projects!


  1. The dress is beautiful! The fabric does look like it has a nice drape to it and would make a great blouse. I hope you’re able to stretch the wear of this with a cardigan while the season shifts. It’s really pretty. 😀


  2. This is a stunning dress, and I love the fabric. I met you briefly at the CTANZ 2015 Symposium and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Hydra and Coraline.


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