The New Kittens – a late night book making project

Luna late night The New Kittens2

Luna went on a making spree the other night, she decided to make a book, based on one of her all time favourites, The New Kittens, a Little Golden Book, about a girl who’s cat has kittens. Quite sweet, and kittens joining the family is Luna’s dream, so it has been read many times!

Luna late night

She said she said, not worry, she would put the lights out as she was probably going to go to bed when I was asleep (where has she heard that before…) Love that she was so into it and able to stay up working on it.

Luna working on her kitten book in the dark

We have had a lot of writing happening around here, Luna has been saying that she needs to “practice her writing to be a journalist”. That’s new! She explained that she is planning to put pictures of our family cat into the story too, so we can look at it when we are apart from him and missing him.

Luna late night writing

She likes to copy and read from a variety of sources, and I love the way she incorporates serifs and other whimsical forms into her letter shapes.

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