Simplicity 1573 – complete!

Simplicity 1573 midrift complete

I finished this dress last year, a very youthful Simplicity 1573. Here’s the pattern illustration:

Simplicity 1573 pattern and fabric

Such a sweet neckline.

Simplicity 1573 collar complete

These photos where on a bit of a grey day, and the print is lost a bit…the skirt has a such a lovely shape!

Simplicity 1573

I played around with a cummerbund, but felt it was all a bit bulky, and the shape of the bodice was a bit lost, and it took the eye away from the neck line, and the little cap sleeves.

Simplicity 1573 neckline on manequin

Aren’t they pretty! I’m happy with this dress, and am psyching myself up to give the cummerbund another go, and enjoying styling it various ways. Here, I’m wearing a poofy petticoat, but it is just as lovely without one. I am so happy with the fabric choice as it holds the shape so well.

Simplicity 1573 back complete

Horray for summer dresses!

Simplicity 1573 side complete


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