Simplicity 1573 – summer frock

This year has been a big ‘sewing vintage casual’ kind of year, I have made a several pairs of vintage pants and slacks, blouses and skirts, most of which I have not blogged! I will get around to it, I promise.

Simplicity 2727 and simplicity 1510 and Simplicity 1573 fabric ideas

It’s time for a new dress post, planning for summer, which right now, seems far away!

The weekend just gone was the last Sew Fun for the year, Sew Fun is a sewing day co-op created by myself and a friend, basically, we and a group of friends put in to share costs of a community hall for 5 hours one Saturday a month, we bring our sewing machines – or as I do more often, ideas for projects to plan and cut out (due to all that space!) we also bring food to share and have a really fun time! So, on the weekend I pulled out some favourite fabrics and patterns from my stash and jumped in.

I looked at a few different options, like these:

Simplicity 2727 and simplicity 1510 and fabric ideas

And this, I love the neckline, with the little ‘v’ at the centre, not so keen on the jacket though, I am also looking for a full or circle skirt:

Simplicity 2727 and fabric ideas

Here’s what I came up with:

Simplicity 1573 and 2269 plan and fabric

This dress, with the floral Peony print for the skirt and bodice, and the turquoise for the sash:

Simplicity 157 and fabric

And, I can’t wait to make this beautiful bolero jacket instead of the jacket top from the pattern above – also in turquoise:

Simplicity 2269 and fabric

I hope the style of the jacket works! I wonder a little about the neckline from the dress and the jacket, maybe they wont work so well?? I have plenty of the turquoise fabric, enough for a pair of elegant wide leg slacks or a half circle skirt, so it should stretch to more than one outfit… I’m also planning a more thought-out wardrobe these days, more colour matching separates, which to be honest can be tricky when one has mostly op-shopped or thrifted fabrics and notions….

Anyway! This is how the dress is looking so far, after a bit of a late night in the sewing room, the side zipper closure remains to be completed, as does the hem, closures on the cummerbund, and then onto the glamourous jacket!

Simplicity 1573 on manequin

I really like the shape of the neckline and the shoulders, I am undecided about whether to add small shoulder pads (is it just a side effect of being a child in the 80s and 90s?) but I need to find a way for it to hold it’s shape there.

Simplicity 1573 bodice on manequin

Also, I think I could have done a better job on the ‘v’ neck, it’s just not quite sitting as well as it could…

Simplicity 1573 neckline on manequin

Nice sleeves though, aren’t they?

Next up, some new to me old patterns and dream projects….!

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