Hats gloves Hats

hats hats hats hats

Photos from the lovely-as-always Auckland Vintage Textile Fair!

hats gloves hats gloves hats gloves hats

Did I mention the Hats! So many fabulous hats! Isn’t this stitching just gorgeous.

stunning purple hat

I go to the fair for inspiration, mostly. But I am always on the look out for those more unusual sewing patterns, or something I don’t already have, so I save my spending for sewing related items….like this cool vintage sewing book, for all your Modern Sewing needs!

Sewing book

One thing I am not short of is fabric, vintage or modern, but I do love to see what everyone else has on offer, and maybe, just maybe pick up that extra special piece…. How about this vibrant fabric?

orange retro fabric

There are always divine frocks on display and up for grabs.

three stunning frocks

I picked up some pretty patterns and a cool red hat, you’ll have to wait for the sewing projects to see them!

cream dressing table

Some of the table displays are truly a delight to behold, like these, just lovely! Can’t wait ’til next year.

tourquise dressing table

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