Punga Road Studio, the finished dress!


It’s finished, McCall’s 3326 from 1953 in a lovely vintage floral fabric from the same era, hooray!

McCall's 3326 fini collar and shoulder

If you’re new to mermaid’s purse, or this series of posts, this is the result of an exciting collaboration with Elise Cox, the vintage sewing specialist at Punga Road Studio. I’ll share more of the technical photos and some specific skills I was interested in another post, in the meantime, here are some photos of the finished dress.

McCall's 3326 fini bodice2

I just happened to have some co-ordinating green gloves….

McCall's 3326 fini bodice3

I am very happy with the fit of the bodice and am impressed with the shape the underarm gusset creates and the movement it allows. The floral print on the fabric makes the seams almost invisible.

McCall's 3326 fini collar detail2

I am really glad we went for a little definition around the collar, not too much but it breaks up the floral print and subtlety draws attention to that lovely collar.

McCall's 3326 fini belt detail with glove

Oh and the lovely belt and buttons!

McCall's 3326 fini button detail

Elsie and I had to do a bit of juggling and a late night at her workspace at AUT to get the dress all done in time for The Costume and Textile Association of New Zealand’s symposium, Home Front.

McCall's 3326 fini with coat

A fitting event for the debut!

McCall's 3326 fini waist and glove detail

Oh I love it! Thank you Elise, for sharing your skills and knowledge and for pulling the late nights after work to make it all happen. I can’t wait for the next project…

McCall's 3326 fini long dress

And my favourite new second hand shoes! Keds gifted by lovely Estelle of Brighton, thank you x

McCall's 3326 fini skirt and shoes


  1. Wow Angela – that’s really impressive. I love it. Thanks for sharing the photos and journey with us. You’ve been most inspirational.


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