Tapenade for the long weekend

Tapenade on toast and coffee

Happy long weekend! I thought I’d share something I have been enjoying.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything delicious and foodie, and while everyone is getting all into chocolate just now, I thought I’d strike out into something completely different…

Tapenade on toast

So here is the tapenade I’ve been enjoying lately. I was inspired by a friend turning up at the beach with a jar, ‘Yum!’ I thought, hey that can’t be too hard to make, so I started experimenting. It seems that it usually includes anchovies, so I made a vegan version for you all to enjoy. The recipe that I put together goes something like this:

Into your blender, place the following…

Two cups of pitted black olives

Two or three cloves of garlic

One third of  a cup of walnuts

A good swirl of olive oil, maybe two tablespoons

The juice of a large juicy lemon

One or two generous handfuls of fresh basil and/or rocket

Blend to combine, until the olives and walnuts are smooth, or at least a consistent texture. I don’t mind a little chunk of olive in the mix, it’s up to you. Serve on fresh bread, toast, crackers, with salads, pasta, we’ve used it on pizza, use as a base, with a little tomato paste, or dollop on top.

Tapenade on toast and coffee close


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