Collaborative vintage sewing

Here is a little sneak peek into a really exciting vintage sewing project that I have been looking forward to sharing with my readers for a wee while. I have the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with a very experienced and talented sewer, a woman who knows authentic techniques and has a deep understanding – and love – of vintage fashion and textiles. I’ll be documenting the process, the techniques and new skills we cover, in the making… all will be revealed, so watch this space!

Punga Road studios stash on the table

This weekend we met, looked over some of my patterns and fabrics, talked about each other’s work and how elegant vintage styles are, and of course we drank tea. Even though we were planning on working on just the one vintage sewing project, it was important to look at as many patterns and beautiful fabrics as possible… ahem.

Punga Road studios patterns on the table

Earlier I had gone through my vintage pattern and fabric stash, looking for ideas for the perfect project… what I wanted for this was a fabulous (and slightly intimidating) vintage pattern that required skills or techniques I haven’t used, perhaps one that missed instructions or need to be up or down sized, something that would be a steep learning curve. It would be ideal if I could use a glorious piece of fabric, perhaps something vintage that I have been hesitant to cut into.

Punga Road studios patterns on the table2

We looked at a number of different project ideas, I have two drops of unused vintage curtains, some fabrics from my nana’s stash, some lovely vintage floral fabric and some more contemporary fabrics. I have a couple of smaller patterns, bust size 32, when I usually go for a 34 or 36, a couple here that use under arm gussets, one that missed instructions, and a couple that were dresses with bolero jackets. It was so exciting, I want to make the lot, and NOW!

This is one of the finalists, I have about three meters of pink vintage lace, which was just asking to be made into an over skirt, perhaps over a colour matched pink wiggle dress, Balenciaga style… But the slightly more sensible side of me opted for less lace, more… more… actually, just less lace.

Punga Road studios pink lace and pattern

One generous friend, Anissa over at growmamma gave me this lovely piece of vintage fabric, which I wanted to use for something very special, but also wearable. Here it is along side the pattern that won on the day, McCall’s 3326.

McCall's 3326 and fabric detail

Somewhat of a challenge to make it work, the fabric is just under the required length noted on the envelope, I have left in the hands of my capable tutor, while she checks the measurements, and ensures that It Will Fit and we’ll meet again soon, to get started!

We took down measurements, talked project design and development, lining, and how to achieve the best fit for a day dress. I am sorting out the notions, we will make self covered buttons, a self belt and how we may work carefully with limited fabric.

Yipeee! So very exciting.

Punga Road studios patterns and fabric2

Do you sew vintage? Would you love to work with someone more experienced? Have you thought of attending a workshop where you have the opportunity to work with real vintage patterns? Let me know, and follow along with this project. x

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