Barnum’s Bones

barnum's Bones

Barnum’s Bones: How Barnum Brown Discovered the Most Famous Dinosaur in the World, by Tracey Fern, pictures by Boris Kulikov.

barnum's Bones inside child with fossil

We have been learning about people who had lives full of adventure, pursuing their dreams and passions, and Luna and Blake have loved the story of Barmun Brown. If you have a small person into fossils and dinosaur bones they are probably going to dig this book!

barnum's Bones inside puzzle bones

As a child Barnum was obsessed with collecting fossil clams and sea shells, apparently filling his bedroom with his collection…he went on to find fossils all over the world, contributing hugely to the growing field of palaeontology. The illustrations are imaginative and fun, and the story conveys the amount of time and research that has gone into building the understanding we have of dinosaurs.

There are some biographical notes at the end, and I was particularly delighted to read that Barnum was known to work onsite in his finest threads, polished shoes, fur coat and bowler hat – now that’s style!

barnum's Bones inside well dressed Barnum

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