All the Christmas trees

On account of our handmade Solstice and Christmas tree, Luna has been making Christmas trees for everyone, including Austin The Cat.  Here is his one, it is meant to sit next to his bowl of course.

Austin's tree top

Austin The Cat’s tree is a small branch with all the bird and egg decorations, because, as Luna notes, Austin loves birds.

Austin's tree

This is my one, it actually reminds me of a bonsai I potted up when I was a teenager.  Luna uses stones to hold the branch in place.

Luna's stair tree

The rabbit and egg decorations were found at my mums place.  They came from a mobile and are just so cute.

Luna's stair tree rabit

I like that Luna wants everyone to have one, and spends quite a bit of time potting them up, balancing the sticks, choosing the decorations, it’s a sweet interpretation of the conventional Christmas tree.

This is her tree, decorations are added and changed daily.

Luna's tree

Even the pot is full of beautiful things…  Almost all her decorations have been found or purchased from op shops, Luna managed to save her $2 weekly pocket money for a couple of weeks to spend up large on baubles and trinkets.  Very exciting.

Luna's tree pot

This one, in her room, became even more elaboraately decorated as time went on…

Luna's Christmas tree

Luna’s embellishments appear in all kinds of places….

Luna's lamp sparkles

And yes, that is an vintage Strawberry Shortcake doll by her lamp.

Luna's SSC on her chair

A random surprise decoration.

red star decoration

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