Other People’s Projects – the gabardine skirt

Blue Grabadine skirt with pattern

I found this skirt cut and pinned all ready to assemble in a suitcase full of someone else’s fabric stash a couple of months ago.  I have finally completed it, and yes, yes, yes, I love it.

Blue Grabadine skirt waistband pattern

I’m guessing it’s a Simplicity pattern, number 1104, and quite certain it is from the 1970s.  I probably would never go for one of these skirt patterns – but I enjoy finishing a garment that has been carefully cut and set aside by another sewer.  This stash came from a woman who had passed on, so I hope somewhere she is glad the skirt is made and having a new life…

I used a couple of buttons from my stash and an invisible sipper, which I’m not so keen on these days, but this one looked more hardwearing than most.  The buttons kind of look like closed eyelids, which I liked too.

Blue Grabadine skirt complete back buttons

The fabric is gabardine, in a medium blue, the skirt panels are cut on the bias, and it has such a beautiful drape to it.  I think it’s going to be an Autumn staple, and if I don’t get it all snagged, it will last a while.  And on a less windy day than this, has a nice shape.

Blue Grabadine skirt complete

I teamed it up with this bow-tie blouse from the 70s, that admittedly doesn’t get a lot of wear…until now!  And my favourite retro boots.

Blue Grabadine skirt complete front

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