Homegrown strawberries

Strawberry patch with Luna'

This rough old patch of strawberries has been giving us fresh berries most days, what a delight!  It’s not that fancy, several transplanted plants, who honestly didn’t look that happy a few months ago have been quietly growing fruit, consitently enough that we can harvest a little bowl like this almost every day or two.

I admit, I had given up on these babies, and had neglected them somewhat, focusing on seed raising and caring for the other garden plants… So these feel even more rewarding, if slightly undeserved.

Bowl of Strawberries

And they taste SO good!  The plants themselves are sitting in not-so-well established chunks of earth (from where they were moved from when we shifted house) on fairly compacted soil.  It was not the best place for them, but the only space we had, however, with very regular watering and doses of worm wee from the worm farm and lawn clippings, they seem to be very happy now.

Towards the end of spring the bed had become overrun by weeds, mostly grass, when I decided to pull it all out (having given up on the plants fruiting) I discovered that the grass cover had concealed flowers and new fruit and kept the birds unaware of the delicious treats that were so close…

Strawberry patch

All in all, well worth the effort in watering and feeding now, Luna enjoys making ‘salads’ with them.

strawberry salad

Which are meant to be eaten around the fires her and Blake are making these days, complete with dandelion blossoms for flames…


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