More vintage pattern happiness…

McCalls and Butterick blouses

Right when I’m loving separates…. take a closer look at that stunning blouse and illustration on the McCalls pattern…

Vintage McCalls blouses detail

That blouse and that hat please !

Simplicty 4960 and Academy 3215

Have you seen a more disdainful look?

Pattern woman disdainful in red dress

Grace Kelly anyone?

Pattern woman disdainful blonde in grey dress

More skirts…

three vintage skirt patterns

And some pretty pajamas, these, my nana would have worn in the 40s.

Advance pajama pattern and Butterick maternity pattern

I’m hoping this skirt and pant pattern, Simplicity 3257, is complete, I have a copy which is missing the slacks pattern pieces.  Wohoo!  Not that I needed more sewing projects for this year….

Simplicty 3257 and 4238

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