Butterick 7762 shorts.

“See that there?  That’s Summer!”  Time to whip up some beach gear, shorts – for the first time…

I love them already and can’t wait to whip up another pair.  I picked up this pattern, Butterick 7762, with a bulk pattern lot, and fell in love with it.  I wish it came with the hat!

I went for the short shorts, center, that are paired with the bra top – I’m not game to sew up a bra top, just yet.  Oh and the pattern was missing it’s instructions… so will have to do a touch more research before I attempt that one.

That’s Austin posing with the pinned shorts, I kept this pair really simple, decided not to make the belt, I just wanted to get a feel for the cut and fit.  I used some polycotton from my nana, which is proving to be durable enough for the beach and around the house.  I also did not add anything to reinforce the high waist, which is ok, though I see it would be worthwhile to really make the look work.

Butterick 7762 finished

That’s me in the shorts relaxing with Blake heading back from the beach the other day.  I know they don’t look flash, but these feel like one of my most successful projects so far.  I had a bit of a block when it came to sewing myself a pair of pants or shorts, and this was a good experience, it really was easy, I had the pattern with the correct size, and a cut that I love so it couldn’t be easier!

I plan to make some denim sorts and jeans with this pattern, I have made up the slacks on this pattern, sorry no photos yet!  I modified the pattern considerably, maintaining the high waist, widening the leg and running in the inner leg for a better fit, this was also very easy, I have a flared pants pattern which I just overlaid to find the right shape.

I can’t wait to sew some woolen slacks based on this pattern for winter!


  1. High-waisted shorts are a great part of the perfect summer outfit for busy mammas – I have not yet been game to sew myself a pair, but I just received some Freddie’s shorts (clamdiggers and capris) in the mail and haven’t stopped wearing them since they arrived!

    Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to sew shorts or pants, your pair turned out so lovely, and they look fabulous on you! Well done X

    bonita of Lavender & Twill


    1. Thank you! I am excited about making up some capri pants too.

      You should definitely have a go at making some for yourself x


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