More vintage pattern crushes

Do you know how long I’ve wanted a vintage hat pattern or two?  Ages!  After rather cooly flicking through every stall with patterns at the Auckland Vintage Textile Fair, I found these VERY stylish little numbers.  Yippee!

Perhaps a little more ‘business’ than I am after as summer approaches, but still irresistible none the less.  These two dress and doll patterns were excitedly-gently embraced by Luna.  Can’t wait to start on these.

Summer, summer, summer.  So all I’m thinking about is The Beach.  Then I saw this unusual Vogue ensemble, which would lend itself to some stylish separates, that jumper top is quite casual.

I’m yet to sort through them properly – there will be some treats to pass on and put on trademe, I have two boxes of vintage patterns that I came by online, some of the best from the boxes…

Vintage slip and a petticoat pattern!

A cool, um, anytime dress plus cape?  And isn’t this black wriggle dress SO Joan from Mad Men?

Beautiful 1940s wedding dress, and another slick office ensemble.  If only I had a real job.  No!

Now this is far more sensible, not so much for tennis, but swanning around at the beach certainly.  These two are great for summer too.

How sweet are these outfits?

Almost makes you want to get married!

Kaftan?  When I see the Vogue woman’s hair… how could you not want one?

And another great hat pattern…

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