Academy 4832 full skirted version.. complete!

This is probably the fastest turn around I’ve had for a sewing project for a long time, less than a week from cut to wear.

This fabric is an amazing vintage bark cloth.  I knew I could create a stunning bodice with this fabric, but was worried the skirt may be bulky with this fabric, but it turned out well.

Ready just in time for Luna’s fifth birthday, yesterday, Rob snapped a couple of finished photos.

I hesitate to use bold patterned fabrics for garments that incorporate beautiful paneling, gathering or pleating, sometimes those details are lost.  I think this happens here.  I created the pleats in the skirt, rather than gathering, the fabric is too heavy, and the fabric takes the pleats really well.

When it’s on, and you look closely you can see the pleats.  Also, I had half the fabric I needed for the full skirt, but didn’t want to make another slim skirt – I have the long slim skirted version of the dress just waiting to have the lining attached and the sleeves and skirt hemmed.

A number of my vintage patterns have a flat panel over the midsection, with gathers or soft pleats starting where the bodice darts meet the skirt, I thought this would be a nice touch and work with a not-so-full skirt.  That and the fact I was worried about the fabric being bulky around the belly area!

I finished the hem with some vintage lace, and here is the back of the dress, I love the low ‘v’ – please avert your eyes from the not-quite-lining up zipper!  I hand stitched the facing in place late in the night, and when I tried the dress on I realised it was pulling on one side – damn!

Brief pattern and project review…


Will I wear it?  Yes!  I love it!

Will I make it again?  Yes!

Fabric choice, alternatives:  Barkcloth was great to work with, I love these colours.

Technical, pattern fit:  Almost perfect, so glad to be able to get a little extra help from a pro sewer! I will need to make a hollow bust adjustment along with a sway back, and short back adjustment.  Then it will be perfect.

The illustration on the envelope:  Very close, this skirt is not as full, but the fabric holds the shape.

Instructions and assembly:  Easy, and quick to put together.


    1. Hello, thank you. Vintage patterns like the ones I use can be hard to find, so can try second hand shops, ebay, esty and in NZ, trademe. I bought this one as part of a ‘lot’ of other vintage patterns.


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