Simplicity 1720 finished! Photo time darlings.

So, this dress did my head in a bit, but now I love it.  It has been hanging in the sewing room for a month or two while I pretend that it is not there, aaaand make six new frocks to make up for it.  Here’s a close up of the fabric… a subtle floral print on a light weight cotton.

You might have followed an earlier post here.  From the first post, you will see some of the adjustments I made, running in the darts on the front and back panels, and about one centimeter down the side lengths.  The key issue with this dress/pattern is that it is a size 18, I most often work with size 14/16 vintage patterns, so this presented some challenges.

While I was able to run it in down the sides and sew the darts a tad deeper, I think that the straps are too wide.  I have been considering adding bias binding to the edges, as in the pattern illustration, and maybe some stylish buttons.  Thoughts..?

It is also going to need ironing every time I wear it!


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