Butterick 2137 complete!

I cut this dress out while on holiday, planning ahead for winter, I decided on the long sleeve (though collarless) left hand version.  With a lightweight slightly stretchy plaid fabric.

No collar, I find that it gapes just slightly, but only just.

The fit, is almost perfect, it’s really something of a wriggle dress, and I love it!  It will be perfect for winter.  I considered lining it, the fabric is slightly textured, but not uncomfortable, and I think that the fit may have been affected if I did line it.  I had some minor issues, the front darts are not quite symetrical, but this is barely perceptible, only that the vertical lines do not meet so well.  The fabric did not take to being ironed, and so spent ages pressing darts flat, and it was also very wriggly when cutting an sewing.

A few wrinkles around the waist back, and a little lose around the shoulders, which I will work on for the make – or perhaps I’ll ask for a hand to fit the back!

Brief review…


Will I wear it?  Yes!

Will I make it again?  Yes!

Fabric choice, alternatives:  This was perfect, having a slight stretch, though was a bit of a drag to keep flat while cutting and sewing.  Will try next with a woven cotton, and a bold flower print.


Pattern fit:  Almost perfect, I had extra fabric at the back, this allowed me to correct fitting when inserting the zipper.  Also, I seem to have a shorter back, and need to remember to take a little length out of the back bodice.

The illustration on the envelope:  Very close, though I went for a longer skirt.

Instructions and assembly:  I just went my way, it’s a very easy pattern to put together, good for beginner dressmaker.

Here’s the next dress from this pattern, waiting for a few hours to sew, sleeveless, wide neck, no collar, I had just enough fabric for this one!


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