Academy 4832… to line or not to line?

I thought I’d share my current project, I’ve been putting together this, perhaps wearable toile, and I’m now considering lining it…  Here’s the pattern sleeve (isn’t it divine?) the dress I’m making is version three, the center black number, wide fold over collar, slim skirt and three quarter sleeves.

I have some construction photos, so you may see it coming together, and maybe get some idea of the fabric – and that is what’s making me think more – I have a feeling I’ll need to line it, as I know I’ll love to wear it.  The thing is, the fabric, bought at an op shop, is some kind of 100% synthetic, medium to heavy weighted woven material (in the burn test it immediately melted into a black blob).  It seems to be creating a good form, but I think it’s going to feel awful on skin!  It is just slightly see through, when I hold it to the light, and has no stretch or give at all.

And if I’m going to line it, I think this would be the moment to do it – and it will be my first lining project.  Eeek, I’m keen to do it, and I guess, after any tips or suggestions, I was thinking of cutting the bodice, sleeve, and skirt pieces out of lining material (I have recently inherited some fabulous red lining material – and plenty of it) sewing it together inside out, and then attaching it by hand or machine to the inside.. is the the typical approach?

More photos, I just love the low back collar and the pleats on the shoulders, are so simple and beautiful, I think!

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