Simplicity 3107 in blue Crimplene

This is my most exciting dress making project – I have had this small piece (not quite enough for a dress… or was there?) of Crimplene forever, and have had a couple of failed attempts at tiling other patterns to fit it, but then I grabbed this little number.  Also tricky is that there are two stains, on the fold, which I have been unable to remove, so that excluded placing skirt and bodice pattern pieces on the fold.

The pattern pieces are all long and narrow if you can make out the sleeves, raglan style, from the slightly blurry photo.. so it worked perfectly, I am going full length with the skirt to see how it looks.  I have a good length that I usually prefer, am going longer this time, with version two, narrow skirt and long sleeves.  And, yes I know I have three other outfits cut to sew, but I do have a sew along booked next weekend so, I’m wanting to be prepared.

Here’s how the layout worked:

See, phew, just right.

Austin The Cat, my constant sewing companion, he’s thinking, ‘Wow, yeah that’s great.  So I’ll just wait till you leave the room before I sleep on the fabric.  And leave the heater on.’


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